America is a unique country in that immigrants, from all over the world, have the opportunity to proactively shape this nation's nascent culture each and every day. Chinese-Americans have been doing so since arriving around the 1820's, but our presence has remained quiet, our impact, subtle.

The appreciation for Chinese heritage and culture is very important to us. Whether recent immigrants or American-born, we are taught to adapt to our surroundings in order to excel in society. But somewhere along the process, our cultural identities get lost in the shuffle.

We at TofuKungFu believe that through creative, culturally-inspired designs, we can spark your curiosity to learn more about the Chinese culture while simultaneously provide you with a fashionable shirt. We hope you enjoy our efforts!

Where Does The Name TofuKungFu (豆腐功夫) Come From?
Tofu (豆腐) and Kung-Fu (功夫) are two words directly translated from the Chinese language meaning bean curd and martial arts, respectively. Over time, these two words have become commonplace in the average American's vocabulary. At a higher level, we believe they symbolize a fusion between the Chinese and American cultures. Tofu is soft and Kung-Fu is tough, but together, they form a unique entity that captures the contrasting Eastern and Western cultures. Our name and designs aim to embody this concept.

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